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Plastic chain guard #25 55 tooth rear spocket

So I’m replacing OEM rear sprocket on a razor 500 with the 55 tooth #25. It arrived and I made the swap but now the oem chain is too large as is the plastic chain guard. What chain size should I order and do you have the smaller rear chain guard?
You could just take as many links out of chain as needed and put a master link in...

We do not carry smaller rear chain guards for the Razor MX500 dirt bike. 

If the old chain has been used for a while then it is a good idea to replace it with a new chain when replacing the rear sprocket. We also recommend replacing the motor sprocket at the same time so all of the sprockets and the chain are new. This will help to prolong the life of the sprockets and chain. 

We have a chain length calculator that can be used to determine what size chain is needed when a different size sprocket is installed. 

If you need any help using the chain length calculator to determine the new chain size then please let us know. 

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