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Razor MX650 Sprocket For More Torque

I'm trying to figure out if the 9 Tooth 10mm Double D-Bore Sprocket for #25 Chain sprocket on this site will work on the MX650 (Part #SPR-2509C). It says its a Double D-Bore sprocket in the title which is the same as the OEM motor sprocket but in the description on this site, it says it's for single-flatted motor shafts which I would assume would just be a normal D-Bore sprocket. Since the title and description seem to contradict each other, I just wanted to try and confirm which it is. In the picture, it seems like it's a Double D-Bore type.

I've read through several forums here but only see people trying to get a lower gear ratio for more speed but I'm wanting the opposite and wanting a higher gear ratio for more torque.

On a side note, has anyone noticed any change in runtime with a higher gear ratio?

The single-flatted description for SPR-2509C was a typo which we just corrected. It is for dual-flatted motor shafts and we have got the description fixed now. Thanks for bringing that typo to our attention. 

A customer of ours installed the SPR-2509C sprocket on his MX650 and it fit the motor, however, the original chain was too long with the 9 tooth motor sprocket. He tried taking a link out of the chain and then it was too short, so he then added a half link to the chain and said that the chain was the right size after that. 

Thank you so much for the tip on the chain! Putting in my order now. 

I received all the parts today and I'm wondering what the best way of removing a link from the OEM chain would be. I'm debating over taking a Dremel and grinding the pin out or taking a metal punch and hammer to see if I can knock out a pin.

The easiest way we have found is to press or punch the chain pins out. Once the pins have been punched past the chain's outer plate, then they along with the other outer plate which they are still attached to can usually be removed the rest of the way without the punch by using a flathead screwdriver to pry it the rest of the way out.

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