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Wiring THR-97R throttle to Razor Ecosmart Metro

Hello, I just bought a THR-97R throttle assembly with built in key and volt meter  from you guys. I thought it was going to be a plug and play installation, but the plugs don't match up to the Ecosmart Metro. My Ecosmart Metro was purchased new just 2 weeks ago and is all stock. Could you please draw me a wiring diagram on exactly what wires need to go where, including colors. The diagram that came with the new throttle only lists what the wires are for. Also, once all hooked up will the original Ecosmart throttle shut off safety features still work with the new throttle? Thanks, Jim. 

The THR-97R throttle does not have a microswitch in it like the original EcoSmart throttle does so the original throttle's shut off safety feature would need to be overridden in order to install it. 

Installing a THR-97R throttle on the EcoSmart scooter requires a 36 Volt 40 Amp power relay such as our item # RLY-3640T along with other parts such as a fuse holder, fuse, and various wire connectors. 

Here is the wiring diagram to install the THR-97R on the Razor EcoSmart scooter.

If the wiring diagram above is not large enough then a full-size wiring diagram file is attached below. 

Thank you so much for setting me straight.

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