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Increasing top speed on Razor E300

Hello Electric Scooter Parts,

I recently purchased a used Razor E300 (version 41) and looking to increase the top speed.  Not many hills in my area so I'm primarily focusing on increasing top speed and torque as secondary.

I already purchased a 24v variable throttle and controller rated up to 500w.

I'd like to stick with a 24v system and upgrade the motor and sprocket.

I'd prefer plug and play upgrades as I do not have as much to time to invest in the custom work aspect.

Any feedback and recommendations are highly appreciated =)

Thanks in advance!

Since you already have a 24 Volt 500 Watt controller you could custom install a 24 Volt 500 Watt motor to gain more horsepower and then switch the sprockets and chain from #25 to 8mm. This will give you the option to install a smaller wheel sprocket for 8mm chain such as a 44 tooth, 38 tooth, or 36 tooth to increase the gear ratio for a higher top speed. 

The 500 Watt motor should be plug-and-play with your 500 Watt controller however custom installing a 500 Watt motor will not be a bolt-and-go job. Upgrading to a 500 watt motor is an E300 modification that many people have performed though so it should not be that difficult. 

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