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Razor MX500, MX650, and SX500 Front Shock Banging Noise Fix

The guide below was submitted to us by one of our customer:

The shocks on my grandson's new mx650 Razor had an annoying banging on the return of the shock. I fixed it by inserting a washer between the metal washer and the threads of the bolt that hold the two halves of the shocks together.


You can access the bolt from the bottom of the shock through a hole.


Take the wheel off. Use extensions and a 5mm hex bit. It is difficult to get hex bit to set into bolt. The bottom half of shock will now slide off. Add  a rubber washer between after the current metal washer. Don't overtighten the bolt and defeat new rubber washer. I don't know how long this fix will abate the annoying banging noise.

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