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Adding booster battery and light issue.


I have  a 500+ Gio scooter and just added an extra battery to add some pep

from 48 volt. I am at 60 Volts now and the scooter run fantastic, my only concern is that I notice

all the lights including the head lamp are much brighter now. Will this shorten the life of all the electric light system? Any suggestion to decrease the Voltage on light system?

Should I replace the light bulb with led lights as I am running the scooter mostly at night?

Thanks for any help or suggestions,


Some 48 Volts electric scooters have Voltage converters which change the power for the lights from 48 Volt down to 12 Volts. If your scooter had this feature then it would automatically convert the 60 Volt power down to 12 Volts and the lights would not get brighter. However since your lights are running brighter on 60 Volts than on 48 Volts then your scooter does not have a Voltage converter for them and they are 48 Volt bulbs.

Running 48 Volt bulbs on 60 Volts will make them glow much brighter and your concern is well founded because it will also considerably shorten their lifespan. 48 Volt bulbs running at 60 Volts will operate hotter than normal which could also possibly melt or burn the plastic housings they are located in.

The best thing to do would be to replace the 48 Volt bulbs with 60 Volt bulbs of equal Wattage. If you can find 60 Volt LED replacement bulbs they could be substituted for the original incandescent bulbs for the headlight and taillight, however the turn signals may need incandescent bulbs to operate unless you change the blinker relay to one that works with LED bulbs.

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