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On a ZAP bike how do I convert a control module to a relay?

I purchased a 12 Volt RLY-2440 relay and a THR-20 on/off twist throttle to convert my ZAP electric bicycle from its original control module which is no longer available, to a 12 Volt relay. How do I wire it?
I would begin by disconnecting the battery and removing the old control module and then follow the wiring diagram below to install the new relay and throttle. The battery should be the last component that is connected to the circuit after it is completed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

How much  speed will aquire and millage. Will You please help me to make this.

my mail Id janardhan6815@gmail.com. 


Janardhan Reddy

The original control board on Zap electric bikes had a relay that controlled the power, so replacing it with a relay will yield the exact same speed and mileage range as the original controller did.

To make it our THR-E20 throttle and RLY-1240 relay can be used which are available on the following pages:

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