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Belt or chain for scooter?

The chain on my scooter needs frequent cleaning and lubricating as the roads here are covered in dust and sand from the surrounding desert.

This is probably not so good for the chain and sprockets and another problem is the noise that is also not the best - sounds like a coffee grinder after a few days.

So the question is whether a belt would be better than a chain in this environment and if so, will it be possible to fit a belt and matching sprockets instead of the chain?

Scooter (Australian model): Revo Sprint 1000W - Lithium 36V

Drive belts are practically silent compared to chains however they do have some drawbacks. They do not last as long and are not as reliable as chains and when they wear out or get a pebble or twig stuck in between their teeth they instantly break without any warning. Chains will very rarely break if the master link is properly installed and give lots of warning before they need to be replaced. Chains are also not prone to breaking if a pebble or twig gets in between them and the sprockets - they will typically crush the pebble or stone without causing any damage to the chain or sprockets. It is hard to say which drive train system is best. I think it depends on how the scooter is used. If it is used in close proximity to home then I prefer a belt system because it is quieter and I can push the scooter back home if the belt breaks. However if the scooter is used in far proximity from home then I would want a chain system so I would not get stuck far away from home if the belt breaks.

You may want to try wax type chain lube or a "dry" chain lube. They are designed for dusty and sandy riding conditions.

Replacing chain sprockets with belt cogs is not an easy task. Belt cogs usually mount very differently to the motor and rear wheel than chain sprockets. Converting a scooter from chain sprockets to belt cogs could possibly require custom machined adapters, moving the position of the motor, widening the rear forks of the scooter, etc.

Thanks ESP Support.

Your suggestion to try 'dry' chain lube sounds like good advice and certainly worth a try. The conditions here are pretty harsh and not ideal scooter territory and also probably not ideal belt territory.

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