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urban mover modification

 Hi all.

I have acquired an Urban mover Usprite UM44 which has the following spec.

VPAC (Variable Pedal Assist Control) Torque Sensor.

Panasonic® Lithium-ion 26V 9Ah battery - 234 Watt hours.

UM™ 200W brushless rear hub motor.

The controller does not work and I was wondering if I were to do away with the Torque sensor and replace the controller with this

24 Volt
250 Watt

24V 250W Electric Scooter/Moped/Bike Brushless Motor Speed Controller
Designed for 24 Volt DC brushless motors between 180 and 250 Watts. Under Voltage protection 19 Volts. Current limiting feature prevents controller damage due to over-current conditions. Under voltage protection feature prevents over-discharge and extends battery life. Compatible with standard 3-wire variable speed hall-effect throttles.
Dimensions: 3-1/2" L x 2-1/2" W x 1-1/4" T
Item # SPD-24250BRUSHLESS.

And if I fitted this thumb throttle would everything work ok ?

Thumb Throttle
Standard thumb throttle for Chinese-made electric scooters, bicycles, dirt bikes, pocket bikes, mini choppers, and go karts. Fits 7/8" (22mm) handlebars. Premium Wuxing brand throttle. Wire colors: black, red, and white. 70" long throttle cable with female terminals for black wire connectors. The most common connector for this throttle is item # CNX-63.
Item # THR-40.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.


You can do away with the torque (PAS) sensor, and the thumb throttle will work with the controller.

Chances are our controller will work with your motor. Does the motor have 3 thick wires and 7 or 8 thin wires?

I have a UM44 and am looking for an after market controller. Did this controller work? is PAS still working?

How did your Controller replacement go? Were you able to change the controller and use PAS as well?

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