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parts needed to convert a belt driven scooter to a chain driven scooter

I have a scooter that the motor is no good but it is belt driven and the belt driven motor is not available  so I need to change it to chain driven instead the motor is SD 24 volt 600 watt I need to know what parts I need to change it over to chain drive and the prices of all the parts including the motor.

To accomplish that the existing rear wheel belt cog would need to be switched over to a rear wheel chain sprocket, a chain would need to be installed, and the new rear chain sprocket and motor sprocket would need to be aligned.

The possibility and difficulty level of this modification depends on how the existing rear wheel belt cog is attached to the rear wheel. Is there anyway that you could attach a picture of the rear wheel and belt cog so I can see how they are attached together?


I will try but I really suck with computers I have a friend who can help me so it will get done. thank you

Heres the picture of the sprocket and belt

(2.27 MB)

here is another picture

(2.27 MB)

sorry about posting 2 of the same here is another picture

(2.3 MB)

here is another picture

(2.34 MB)

were the pictures good enough to help me get the right parts for the scooter? I still need a parts list and a price list please. thank you

We may have a chain sprocket that can directly replace the existing belt cog. I need some more information to see if we have the right one. What is the center to center distance between two adjacent mounting bolts on the existing rear wheel belt cog?


i am sorry that its been so long but I have been sick. I will have tha info for you tomorrow morning thank you

Sorry so long but it has been hectic here. O.K. the measurement you asked for is 2 1/4 inches

the measurement you asked for is 2 1/4 inches

I just checked and we do not have any chain sprockets with three mounting holes that have a 2-1/4" (63mm) center to center distance between two adjacent mounting holes. Most of the chain sprockets that we sell only have a 33mm center to center distance. Our wheel chain sprockets are available on this page: http://www.electricscooterparts.com/sprockets25chain-wheel.html

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I thought that there were four but I was wrong can it be reworked to make the new part fit it we have a friend who would be willing to try if it can be done,i really need this scooter to work if at all possible

I may have misunderstood what you wanted me to measure was it the big sprocket or the little one attached to the motor?

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