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MOT-K24400 datasheet

Hi, I just bought a MOT-K24400 brushless DC motor. I would like to power it with a DC power supply instead of a battery.

Would you know the inrush current for this motor ? Would you have some datasheet with the characteristic curves of the motor ? 

Thank you for your kind help.


The MOT-K24400 motors were purchased as surplus overstock from an electric scooter manufacturer and we did not receive any data sheets or characteristic curves with them. They are made by Kollmorgen who are probably the only ones that would have that type of information available on them. I visited Kollmorgen's website and they appear to be easy to contact. Here is their link:

I know from experience that it will take a very large DC power supply to power these motors at start-up under load. We have a massive Farnell TSV70 mk2 35 Volt 10 Amp DC power supply that weighs around 60 pounds and when we quickly engage the throttle it struggles to start-up similar sized motors that are not under load without dropping its Voltage under the speed controllers low Voltage cut-off value.

If you are able to dig up any specifications for the MOT-K24400 motor from Kollmorgen or anywhere else please feel free to post them here on this forum.

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