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Motorized my three wheel tricycle 2 seater side by side Worksman model.

I'm looking for a motor, chain, sprocket free wheel that fits my back 7/8 axle, controller, throttle, cables to make the 12 volt batteries 24 volt, and possibly the batteries. If you can give me some direction and costs that would be great Thanks, Joe
I am looking for a source of rear freewheel adapters that fit 7/8" OD axles. I will update this post as soon as I find them.


I'm not just looking the free wheel adapter with a 4" chain spoket for my rear axle 7/8 inch but the complete conversion to make my tricycle to run on the electric motor. You must have misunderstood me. Please let me know what I need to order.
I apologize for not explaining myself better in my last reply. We have everything other than the 7/8" axle freewheel adapter available for the project. The freewheel adapter is the only part that we do not have which I need to locate. I will update this post with a complete parts list of everything you need for the project as soon as I find a source for the 7/8" axle to freewheel adapter.


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