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Connecting MY1016 to controller help please

I have Unite motor My1016, 24V, 250W, throttle and controller CT-302S9 It works well when all the controller connectors are plugged to the scooter accessories like lights, brakes, horn etc.  I have transferred the motor to my bike.  The motor does not work when I plug only motor, throttle and battery to the controller. I have bridged the Ignition Switch and the Brake Lever connectors. Still does not work. Are there any other controller connectors that require bridging? Is there any other way I can connect the setup without accessories? Many thanks in anticipation.  Bob
The brake lever connector should be left open for the controller to work. Try removing the bridge on the brake lever connector and see if it works then. Most brake lever switches are normally open. Please let me know how it goes. If that does not work I have further suggestions.


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