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My Boosted Razor Quad Project

Hi everyone! We've had the quad for several years since new and the original batteries finally died. In the final months I came across the various electric scooter forums and learned about all the fun things that can be done to them. We were also thinking of adding the reverse function to it and it seemed like the perfect time to do the upgrade. On the mechanical side I replaced the original rear axle 47-tooth sprocket with the 54-tooth version for a bit more torque. Replaced the two original 12V 7AH batteries with three 12V 10AH. I found that these are the largest batteries that can fit without frame modifications (other than the mount of course) and not be in the way of the front wheels at full lock. The original controller got replaced by SPD-36500R controller with reverse function. I went with Trail Tech 040-HBS-01 switch to control the reverse function and Trail Tech 040-HBS-05 to control the three speed settings that the controller supports. Yesterday I finally wired everything together for a quick test, everything seems to work great. One problem that I came across and I need help with is battery charging. The controller does not have a dedicated set of leads for the charger and the instructions don't mention how the charging is to be performed. Do I just wire the charger socket directly to the batteries in parallel with the controller? If yes, do I need to unplug the controller each time I need to charge the batteries? Thanks!
Thank you for joining our forum. The battery charger socket should be wired directly to the battery pack in parallel with the controller. You will not need to unplug the controller when the battery pack is being charged, The controller can and should remain connected to the battery pack during charging because the controller's connectors are not designed for continuous connecting and disconnecting. The power switch should be in the off position when the battery pack is being recharged, however it will not hurt anything if it is accidentally left on.

While we are on the subject of battery charging I would like to mention that the battery charger should always be plugged into the vehicle first and the wall second when beginning charging, and unplugged from the wall first and the vehicle second when finished charging. This will prevent terminal sparking which will prolong the life of the battery charger plug and socket, and will also help prolong the life of the battery charger.

Thank for attaching the pictures of your project. They look great and the installation looks very clean and tidy.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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