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More speed for Solar EKart 350

I bought this cart for my son for christmas, advertised to go 15mph, but only goes about 7 mph.  What would be a good starting point to boost the speed?  I would like it to go around 10-12mph.  The motor is MY1016, and the speed controller is BJX18 24v, 250W.  I am leaning toward replacing the speed controller since it is rated a full 100w less than the motor.  Any help would be appreciated.

They must have forgotten to mention in the advertisement that the top speed is with the go kart going down hill with the wind to your back.

Replacing the speed controller should yield a small increase in speed and power since it is rated at 100W less than the motor. I recommend using a 500 Watt speed controller with the 350 Watt motor. The motor will limit the power to around 350 Watts but a larger 500 watt speed controller will run cooler than a 350 Watt controller so it should should last longer.

If that modification does not provide the top speed that you are looking for then I would think about over-Volting the motor to 36 Volts by adding a third battery to make a 36 Volt battery pack. Running a 24 Volt motor on 36 Volts should increase its RPM and power by 50%. It is recommended to have all of the batteries in a battery pack be the same brand but you could add a different brand battery to the pack for trial. A 36 Volt charger would be needed with this modification also. You could start with a bigger 36 Volt battery pack and 36 Volt charger, and use it with the 24 Volt controller and motor. That usually works fine. Worst case scenario is the controller could not handle the extra Voltage and would burn out, then you could replace it with a 36 Volt controller if that happens.

A 24 Volt motor running on 36 Volts will run hotter than if it was running on 24 Volts. As long as the go kart is being driven on relatively flat ground the motor  should be able to handle the extra Voltage. If it being driven in a hilly area running it on 36 Volts could cause it to overheat though. You can touch the motor after a drive to determine if it is getting too hot or not.

Thanks for the reply, I will start with the controller.  When that comes in we will run a test and if its not satisfactory I will add an additional battery.  I will update after the upgrades.


Your welcome. That sounds good. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.

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