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Hero Maxi - a challenge


Bought a Hero Maxi ( as I am currently living in India. Do you guys have any advice on how to make this bike faster by any means (New engine, trim existing etc)? Can not find the information around the motor manufacturer or anything.



Hi again,

I realize this might not be the easiest one so anything you need let me know. Pictures and so on.



I do not have any experience with Hero electric scooters so I can not recommend or direct where to buy a more powerful motor for it.

To increase the speed of an electric scooter most people start off by over-Volting the motor. For instance if the motor is 24 Volts then it could be run on 36 Volts to give it more power and RPM. If the scooter has lights this may or may not pose a challenge because of the Voltage of the bulbs or DC-DC converter for the bulbs. Also depending on the terrain the scooter is driven on the motor may be able to handle being operated on a higher Voltage, or it may overheat if the terrain is too hilly for it to handle the extra Voltage. The controller also may or may not be able to handle the extra Voltage. If the scooter in ran on a higher Voltage and the speed controller burns out as a result then it will need to be replaced with a controller that has a higher Voltage and Wattage rating.


I appreciate the effort. This will be must first ever project of this kind so most likely something will break :)

From the specs page it tells me this: 

Motor Output (Watt) -Less than 250W

Battery Type -SLA 48V/20 AH

Can I simply provide it with a higher capacity battery or am I misunderstanding?



They are selling these on their spare parts site:




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