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ev rider, snr2

I need more power on snr2, it is front wheel drive and steering with 12 inch tires, 3 wheels. I would like to add power,  24 volt to rear wheels,  10 mph max. What do I need that would be best to fabricate on it?

The powertrain will probably be the most difficult part of the modification. Can you see any way to attach a chain sprocket to one of the rear wheels?


yes. chain or belt, belt would be preferred. if they have a 2-3 inch hole in center. That will power 1 wheel with 1 motor unless you have a axle,wheels  for  drive I could mount in place of existing hardware.

We have an 80 tooth sprocket for #25 chain that has a 2-1/8" center hole. This could be used with one of our motors that has am 11 tooth sprocket for #25 chain. This gear ratio when used with a 12" tire would result in a maximum speed of 12.28 MPH. However when the motor is under load its top RPM will be lower than its no load rating so a top speed of 10 MPH should be realized.

Here is a screenshot of the calculations I used to get the MPH figure listed above:

The 80 tooth wheel sprocket is item # SPR-2580 and is available on this page:

The other parts including motor, controller, and other necessary parts are available individually or as kits. The kits are listed on this page:

You should be able to use one throttle to vary the speed of both controllers. Here is a page with more information on that subject:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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