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Converting a Kite Buggy to Electric

I am hoping to convert a Kite Buggy I have to electric for use by my wife on the beach who recently broke her hip.


I have detailed plans attached - and need advice on what type motors - would like to do two motors one on each wheel if that's posible - I have sprockets basically figured out on the wheels - need advice on everything else from there - per attached


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The conversion could use either non-geared motors or gear motors. Which type of motor would be best to use depends on the top speed of the cart that is desired and the diameter of the tires. What is the top speed that you want the buggy to travel?

Also I am not sure about the diameter of the Buggy Rear Tires 21/12-8”. Do you know the diameter of this size tire?

Once I know the desired top speed of the buggy and the tire diameter I can calculate which motor will be the right one for the job.

Speed range is 15-20mph max – I really care more about power – we have a slight sand dune to get up and down – and live in an enclosed beach community with 20mph limits – and I’m about a block back of the beach….

I just measured rear tires and they are 20 inch total diameter.

Do you see any issues in using two motors – once on each wheel – I have the sprocket assembly figured out – and any issues with wiring two motors to one throttle?

Much appreciated – this would be huge for my injured wife. – and while costs are important – I’m looking for the most robust solution… and this might also be fun and handy for other disabled folks wanting to get to the beach.

Thx in advance. Hoping that ultimately recommendations can help me get to a full list of recommended items I need – I have all the mounting also basically worked out for motors / batteries etc etc

Just want best and full solution for putting this together – and you guys look to have all the right stuff – and consultation thx again - Rob

With 20 inch diameter tires a gear motor would be required to obtain the proper gear ratio.

Two motor could be used (one for each rear wheel) if they were both mounted so they rotated in the same direction. If the motors were mounted so they rotated in different directions they both may not run at the same speed due to their timing. Electric motor timing relates to the position of the brushes and commutator. Some motors are negative timed, some neutral timed, and some forward timed. I do not have any specification on the factory timing of any of our motors. Only neutrally timed motors would run at the same speed in both forward and reverse.

I made a gear ratio calculation on this page using our MOT-24450G gear motor which has a 9 tooth sprocket and a 16 tooth wheel sprocket and got a top speed of 14 miles per hour. Here are the results:

The top speed could be increased by installing a larger sprocket on the motor such as our item # SPR-B111, or by using a smaller sprocket on the wheel.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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