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Zooma electric scooter modification

I want to modify my zooma electric scooter to be running on higher voltage connectors and more powerful motor than the standard 350w. do you have any recommendations? I want to know the cost to modify and items needed to modify from this website.

How do you make three way connectors with the lock cable, the power line, and the positive end of the battery?

How do you make three way connections in general? I am still confused with this part. I have not been back to fixing the scooter for a while. Also, the my throttle cable has 4 wires, but the speed controller only have three wires to connect? which ones do you use to connect to the speed controller?

The best way to connect three wires together is to use solder and then install heat shrink tubing over the solder after it has cooled. Most crimp connectors are designed for connecting two of the same size wires together so they will not work for three wires.

I can help with the throttle. What four wire colors does the throttle have, and what three wire colors are the controller's throttle wires?

Throttle wire is orange, red, green, black. Controller throttle wires is blue red and black. Thanks for the fast reply.

The most common connection for those wire colors is: red to red, black to black, and green to blue

The orange throttle wire is most likely for a battery indicator and can be left disconnected since there are only three throttle wires on the controller.


I really appreciate your help for my zooma scooter modification. I have assembled everything and it works. Although, I have 2 concerns now.

1) Does a brushless motor not designed to go on reverse? it seems that when I ride the scooter, it will have trouble on any reversing position such as backing up or on an incline. Is there a solution so that it can go on reverse?

2) I Bought a meter from this website.

48 Volt Battery Status, Power On, and Headlight On Indicator
Handlebar mount 48 Volt battery status, power on, and headlight on indicator. Top; yellow light for 25% and three green lights for 50%, 75%, and 100% battery status. Bottom; red light for low battery warning, green light for power on, and yellow light for headlight on. 68" power cord. Red wire +48V power on, black wire ground, and white wire +48V headlight on. Fits standard 22mm (7/8") bicycle and scooter handlebars.
Item # MET-W48V
  Can you explain to me how to attach this thing to the speed controller so that I can monitor my battery?

Most brushless motors that use an external speed controller can be reversed by switching positions of two of the thick wires between the motor and controller. Here is an example.

Most speed controller have a connector with two wires that is for a power or indicator light, or battery gauge. This connector is the one that the MET-W48V meter's red and black wires connect to so it will monitor the Voltage in the battery pack. If your controller does not have this connector then the meter's red wire can usually be connected to one of the power or key switch wires, and its black wire connected to any black ground wire on the controller.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


I am having trouble with assembling the seat to this zooma motor. I don't have a regular seat-post. I am willing to buy a seat post from this website to assemble on the Zooma. Can you recommend me a way to assemble the seat below with a seat post? Also, I don't see any black ground wire on my controller. can you help me find one through the diagram that I sent on last conversations?

Thank you so much for your help.

If there is a seat tube on the scooter's frame then its inside diameter could be measured and a seat post that fits it could be sourced. If the frame does not already have a seat tube then one would need to be fabricated and welded onto the frame in order to mount a seat post and seat.

The controller's black ground wire is the thick black wire. It is the wire in the photo below with the red arrow pointing towards it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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