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1973 Aurenthentic Electric Trike

 Bought this trike on a thought , it's different. Not knowing much about electric powered carts, I figured I would just be able to resurrect it. Then I came across your web site. What a candy store. Thing is, I'm not sure about the conversion. Here are the particulars. Motor,24v permanent magnet 1hp,Chain drive, 2-12 volt deep cycle batteries, Charger, 110v output24v 6 amp,DC/DC Converter 24 v-12volt 10 amp. It has a cable throttle to a momentary spring loaded toggle, and wire for miles. Looking at all the controllers and such, I'm not sure of all I'll need. It's also streetable and has blinkers, horn, lights, brake lights. Any help in this would be great. Looks like I should be able to gut it and start new except for the motor.Thanks, Bill The first pic is my bikes electrical area, the others is to give an idea of what they are.

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That is a great looking electric trike! I am very familiar with Aurenthetic because I own a couple of their mini bikes. I have not got around to restoring them yet so they are just sitting in storage but one day I do plan on fixing them up.

The best thing to do is as you said is to keep the original motor. I would install large deep cycle batteries (the kind used for boat trolling motors) that fit in the original battery mounting tray so the trike has a long mileage range. The only new electrical parts that are needed are a throttle and speed controller. A new throttle and speed controller will give the trike infinitely variable speed, as opposed to only having two speed that the original solenoid based speed control system provided.

Back when Aurenthetic electric trikes and mini bikes were made transistor technology was not where it is today so electric motor speed controllers were simply not available. These days with advances in transistor technology electric motor speed controllers are relatively cheap and abundant.

I got one of my Aurenthetic mini bikes running with its original electronics and it had two speeds; very slow, and full speed. Very slow was the solenoids engaging one of the batteries (12 Volts) and the speed was around 3-4 miles per hour, and full speed was the solenoids engaging both batteries in series (24 Volts) and the speed was around 15 or 20 miles per hour if I remember right. Anyways with a new throttle and speed controller you will be able to go from zero miles per hour all the way to top speed and everywhere in between, with full speed control just like the throttle on a gas engine.

The parts I recommend for the electric trike are as follows:

SPD-601000A 24-60V 700-1000W Electric Scooter/Bicycle Speed Controller With Throttle $89.95
This speed controller is under rated by the factory and actually puts out a lot more than 1000 Watts when it is under load so it will have plenty of power for the 1 horsepower motor. It also comes with a throttle.

Here is a link to the page that the SPD-601000A controller is on:

And here is a link to the wiring directions for the SPD-601000A controller:

You could reuse one of the existing solenoids on the trike to turn the power on and off between the battery pack and controller. Or you could use a new 24 Volt relay or solenoid if the old ones are not working.

That's pretty much it. All it needs is a throttle and speed controller.

Feel free to upload pictures of the project when it is underway or completed. I would really like to see it when it is back in running condition. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for the great feedback. Looked at the controller and looks very simple to install. Looking at other controllers they have the ability to wire in brakes,lights, signals,charger, horn,etc. Would one of these controllers work or would I have to just ad relays and switches. I did see add on in the other part sections. I can follow a schematic but laying out wiring is not my strong suit. The better bet would be to come to the store and go over all of it. Thanks for the support, Bill


We have other 24 Volt controllers that have built in wiring for the battery charger, brake lights, and running lights, however they are not powerful enough to run the size motor that is in an Aurenthetic. For an Aurenthetic the lights and turn signals would need to wired independently from the controller. If the trikes original wiring is intact then the lights and turn signals should already be properly wired.

You are welcome to visit our store to go over everything. We look forward to helping you find the parts that you need.

hello just searched aurenthentic again as im looking to do something with the minibike frame i have

was wondering if these bikes had any kind of a serial number or vin number on them when they were made as someone told me that they were street legal way back when

They did. It's a vin. They were street legal.  Headlights, signals, brake, tail and horn.  The number was stamped on the lower part of the frame


(926 KB)

mine has been spray bombed, if you could get a pic of where the vin is located that would be awesome or even take one of your pics and circle where it is in paint or something thanks!

couldn't take a pic, the bike is buried at the momnet. The vin number is on the battery box, left hand side. Looks like it start's with a W. If I can get a pic at some point, i'll send one, Bill

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