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Sprocket reverse


I got this sprocket SPR-2515F, but it is freewheeling in wrong direction. Is there way to reverse it?

There is no way to reverse the direction that the SPR-2515F engages in. Unfortunately we do not have any similar sprockets that engage in the reverse direction as the SPR-2515F. The SPR-2515F sprocket is designed for older Currie electric scooters with motors on the right hand side of the scooter sticking outside of the frame as shown in the photograph below.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

What about this model?

It looks like same thing, but the bearing has been put on the shaft adapter other way round.

I purchased one of those freewheel sprockets before and found that it was not complete. It is missing some spacers and the sprocket slides back and forth on the shaft quite a bit - you can see the bare shaft on the right hand side of the photo that the sprocket slides back and forth on.

You just gave me the idea that the sprocket could be reversed on the shaft to reverse the direction that it catches. I just tried reversing a one way bearing on a shaft and it caught in the opposite direction. So all you need to do to the sprocket that you already have is remove the c-clip which holds the sprocket onto the shaft and reverse the sprocket. That should do the trick.

Kudos and thanks for the suggestion, from now on if anyone else asks I will let them know reversing the direction that the sprocket catches is possible.

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