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gearing and use without power

powering a trike with a gear reduction motor that has a 420 rpm output speed and then reducing that by a 4 to 1 gear ratio. for a bike speed of about 7 MPH would you be able to move bike by pedeling  or just pushing ,or would the reverse turning of the motor gearing stop the motor from turning?

thanks for your help.

If there is no freewheel sprocket in the drivetrain then the trike would be difficult to pedal or push when the motor is off.

Most electric bikes and trikes have a freewheel sprocket on the wheel so they can be easily pedaled or pushed when the motor is off. Reverse turning of the gear motor is possible but it will create a lot of drag and resistance on the trike and it will be difficult to push or pedal.

                      Freewheel Sprocket

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