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turn signal noisemaker for kawasaki and honda

I'm MSF instructor looking for "easy" device to make noise as turn signal indicator. You have something for $4.95. Do you know easy/hard for a novice to install in Kawasaki Vulcan 900 or Honda Rebel? Is the beeper external or placed inside bike somewhere? Will it work for both signals?   I bought a Piezzo buzzer with 3 poles but have no idea what to do with it.  If I can figure this out, it stands to benefit a LOT of students taking my free classes.

Our turn signal blinkers for $4.95 are designed for electric scooters and have a fairly low volume which I do not think could be heard very well on a motorcycle. I also do not think they would work with the turn signal system on a motorcycle because they are designed to be used as the blinker and not in conjunction with an existing blinker.

The piezo buzzer with 3 poles that you bought requires an electronic driver circuit to oscillate the piezo element in order for it to produce a sound, it can not be used directly with the current which illuminates the turn signals.

What I recommend is installing two of our continuous tone piezo buzzers item # 310, one for each turn signal side. They could be wired directly to the turn signal bulb leads and would beep when the lights blink. They are sealed and weather-proof plus loud so they could be placed inside the bike somewhere or mounted into the body so the piezo element is outside the bike to make them really loud if that is what you want. Our piezo buzzers have a built in oscillator circuit which drives the piezo element so it makes sound. Here is a link to these buzzers:

my turn signals don't work they started to fade and now the switch under my seat which shuts off everything gets hot after even a short ride.It is a motorino scooter.

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