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kids electric ferrari 24 volt

I have a febber kids ferrari electric car duel moter. Currently 24 volt. I added an extra 12v battery. I would like to add a variable throttle because at the moment there is all or nothing power. I have done some research and lead to believe that I need a 24v moter controller. Currently there is a forward and reverse gear on the car, my concern is that when I add the moter controller there will be no reverse? Can I wire in the transmission to the moter controller? Next question what moter controller do you recommend

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You could use an electric scooter speed controller without reverse and wire its motor connector into where the batteries are connected to right now and that way you could keep the existing reverse switch working. As far as which controller to use most people use a 500 Watt controller such as our SPD-24500B which is available on this page:


For a foot throttle our THR-90 is the most popular with electric kids car modifiers. It is available on this page:

You could also use a controller with built-in reverse and eliminate the relays in the car but still use the existing forward and reverse switch. If you would prefer to go this route then the item # SPD-24500R would be the right controller to get. It is available on this page:

Here is a link to another forum which Bradley mentioned above where they discuss installing a variable speed controller on a kids electric car which may help you with selecting the parts and wiring your project:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi I have bought the SPD-24500R reverse able moter controller. I have a problem. I have connected the batteries and the moter and the throttle body. There is nothing happening when the throttle is pressed. I think this is due to forward reverse wires are not attached to anything. I'm not sure how to connect these or what to connect them to. There was a transmission with 6 pins on it. Is there any way to connect this to the circuit??
Here is a drawing that shows how to connect two SPDT switches to the SPD-24500R speed controller for power on in forward, and reverse

I will look at the wiring diagram for the Power Wheels transmission switch with 6 wires on it and see if I can figure out how to wire it to the controller. I will post another reply after I look at the diagram and let you know what I discover.
Is the new controller wired directly to the motors, or is it wired to the set of relays in the circuit before the motors that I see in the Power Wheels wiring diagram?

The new controller is wired directly into the moters. It isn't wired into any relays
Hi I have managed to get the moters working backwards and forwards with the controller using the diagram above, but when the throttle is plugged in it just accelraters full without it being pressed down. I think the wires to the controller are set different to the throttle wires? The wires on the throttle are green =1 to 4 volts, red= + ,black = ground. The wires on the moter derailleur are blue not labelled. black = - and red=+. My question is which wire goes to which from the moter derailleur to the throttle?
Great to hear that you got the reverse function working.

There are no standardization rules for factories that produce electric scooter throttles and controllers regarding what positions the wire colors or functions go in the connectors. The wire colors between different parts need to be checked for proper positioning and switched to different positions is necessary.

It is easiest to switch positions of the male terminals in the connector because they are the easiest ones to access. Here is a pictorial on how to do this.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Swapped the positioning of the wires but no success. Could it be possible that the throttle pedal isn't compatible with the moter? It either accelraters full without being pressed or does nothing at all.
No luck I'm afraid can only get the moter to work but when the throttle is not pressed, pressing the throttle does nothing. tried all combinations. Could it be that the pedal isn't compatible with the moter controller? I'm thinking of trying a different throttle
The throttle and controller that you have are definitely compatible with each other. The throttle has a small microchip in it which is very sensitive to reverse polarity. If the throttle was incorrectly wired to the controller for even a fraction of a second then it could have been damaged. I recommend testing the throttle to confirm if it is working or not. Here is a link to our throttle testing guide:
Hi managed to get the throttle working, along with the reverse and forward gear. Can a wire both moters to one controller? I have tried, but one wheel goes foward and the other goes backwards? Do I need another controller? Or is it possible to use one.
You can use one controller to operate two motors. If one motor's shaft rotates in the wrong direction reverse its wires and that will reverse the direction that the shaft rotates. 
Hi thanks for the reply, I have managed to get everything working but when the car sets off it seems to struggle to set off. It gets up to speed ok after it sets off. Could this be the controller not giving enough amps to set off. The car sets off fine without the controller if anything to fast!

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