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kids electric ferrari 24 volt

I have a febber kids ferrari electric car duel moter. Currently 24 volt. I added an extra 12v battery. I would like to add a variable throttle because at the moment there is all or nothing power. I have done some research and lead to believe that I need a 24v moter controller. Currently there is a forward and reverse gear on the car, my concern is that when I add the moter controller there will be no reverse? Can I wire in the transmission to the moter controller? Next question what moter controller do you recommend
I see you purchased the 24 Volt 500 Watt speed controller with reverse. That size of controller should provide plenty of power for fast acceleration from a standstill on a Febber kids car. A 500 Watt controller provides very good acceleration from a standstill on an electric scooter with a 180 pound adult rider.

One thing that comes to mind is that our controllers with reverse only provide a fraction of the power in reverse as they do in forward. It could be possible that the controller is wired so it is in reverse when the car is going forward. You could check this by seeing if the car accelerates faster in reverse than it does in forward. If that is the case then the polarity of the wires between the controller and motors would need to be reversed to solve the problem.

Hopefully that is the problem. Please let me know how it goes.


Found out why the car was going slow I had the moters wired in series. When I wire the moters in parrell one of the moters go backwards and the other forwards. Is there any cure for this

Switch the polarity on the motor that is going in reverse.....

Change the negative and positive around is that what switch the polarity means? Sorry sort of learning as I go along.


Thanks I give it a try.
Yes change the negative and positive wires around of the motor that is going in reverse. That is what I meant by switching the polarity.

Running the motors in series instead of parallel will slow them down a lot. Glad you figured that one out. How is the acceleration now with the motors wired in series?


I have blown the controller again not concentrating when wiring it together. I have ordered another one, third time lucky lol. I know what I am doing now, thanks for all the help everyone I will let you know how I get on
Sorry to hear about that. I have blown out a fair share of controllers myself. Just one wrong connection and poof the controller is fried. I am looking forward to hearing how everything works once you get the new controller installed.
I have wired all of the components together but still no success. The moters seem to be under powered? But only when used with the controller? I have both moters going the Wright way but the struggle to move forward or backwards when I lift the car up they get up to speed ok, it's just when setting of I have wired the moters in both parrell and series? But still the same result any ideas?
Speed controllers have a tendency to either work perfectly or not work at all, so chances are that the problem is not with the speed controller. It is more likely to be the batteries. A battery pack with one or more weak batteries will sometimes power a motor just fine but when connected to a speed controller will not because the speed controller reads the battery packs Voltage and if it is low turns the motor off or slows it down to prevent damaging the battery pack.

The first thing I would do is load test the individual 12 Volt batteries to make sure that one or more of them is not causing the problem. Even brand new batteries can be defective and fail so I would load test them regardless of their age. 12 Volt batteries can be load tested at home with an automotive battery load tester, or by a local battery store.

If one or more of the batteries fails the load test then it needs to be replaced. For the longest battery pack life I recommend replacing all of the batteries in the pack at the same time and with the same brand of batteries.

If the batteries pass the load test please let me know and then we can do further troubleshooting knowing that the problem is not with the battery pack.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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