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modification for gio eve supermax 200w


I want to know if i can modify the scooter from 200w to 250w, even to 500w. 

And how?

any help is appreciated. 

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That is a chain drive electric scooter so with metal fabrication you could install just about any size motor and battery pack on it that you want.

For a simple and lower cost modification you could increase the battery pack, controller, and battery charger to 36 Volts and over-Volt the 24 Volt motor. That would increase the 200 Watt motors power significantly and it would probably put out around 300 Watts at 36 Volts and it would spin at a faster RPM to make the scooter go faster. Over-Volted motors run hotter than stock motors do though so you would want to be careful not to overload it and burn it out.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Can I change the motor as well?

So when i change the battery back, do i need to change controllers?

does it have any effect if i change a thicker chain for the more powerful motor?

Thank you soooooo much. 

Changing the motor would probably require adding a metal bracket to the frame and repositioning where the motor is located. Changing the battery pack to a higher Voltage would require installing a different controller that matches the Voltage of the new battery pack and Wattage of the new motor. I recommend using a heavy duty #25 chain if you upgrade the motor.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

do you have lithium ion battery for this scooter?

Thanks, you have been a super great help to me. I will order the part and try them out. 

one more thing. can i add suspension to my scooter?

We have lithium ion batteries and chargers available on this page:

Many electric scooters have front and rear suspension. There are front forks available with suspension at this link and springs available for rear suspension at this link

Please let me know if you have any questions.

i have ordered a 60v charger, an added 12v battery to increase the speed of a gio 500w trike. I didnt order a controller because I was told this would work! any comments you may have would be welcome

Thank you so much.

I would like to know which lithium ion batteries fit my scooter. 

I can check and see. I am not familiar with the Gio Eve Supermax 200W scooter. How many batteries does it have and what size or Ah rating are they?

it is a gio ms3 500w trike. batteries are qty 4 12v20ah 48v total. Ive ordered a 2.5 amp 60v charger and will add 1*12v 20ah battery to increase voltage to 60v, this in hopes of increasing max speed by 10-20%. Is this possible in your opinion?

Increasing the scooters Voltage from 48 Volts to 60 Volts will definitely result in the motor providing more power and higher revolutions per minute. I am not sure exactly what the resulting increase in maximum speed would be but I would say that a 10-20% increase is likely and possible.

I have a ryaka scooter and need a rear light lens any body know were i can get one .

Kev, I do not know where to get a rear light lens for a Ryaka scooter. If I ever find a source for that part I will definitely let you know though.

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