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Rascal mobility cart speed control swap

I have a rascal mobility cart that I took apart for a wagon. I would like to change out the speed controller. I know it's 24 volt but don't know what the amp draw is on the motor. I need forward and reverse and would be great if it plugged into the rascal throttle and control panel. What do you recommend. I can send pics of motor and old speed controller if that helps Joe
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Although I could not find any manufacturer specifications for that motor I was able to find photos of it and it looks to be the same size as other power chair motors that are rated at 300 Watts so a 24 Volt 500 Watt speed controller would be a safe bet to use with it.

I believe the third pin is to put the Scooter in charger inhibit mode. Scooters and power wheelchairs are designed not to move when the charger is plugged in.

I now have an old Rascal 245 with the same motor you are talking about, and it appears the controller is bad.( I also want to convert the unit to a cart) But before I order I order a new controller from you I want to be sure the motor is ok. When I plug 24 volts straight into the motor connector the motor slowly turns and blows the breaker after about 5 seconds. Now my test battery is just 2 car jump-start batteries, so voltage drops quickly to about 14 volts before the breaker goes. So, should this motor run from straight 24V or does it need to be PWM? Thanks

Nevermind, It runs on 12 V or 24DC  so now I need to get a controller.

We searched online and found that the Rascal 245 has two 12V 35Ah batteries and uses a 24 Volt battery charger.

If the motor turns slowly and blows the circuit breaker after 5 seconds then that points toward either the circuit breaker being worn out or the motor having short-circuited coils. We would replace the circuit breaker to make sure it is not causing the problem and then after the breaker is replaced test the motor again to see if the new breaker trips. If the new circuit breaker trips then that points toward the motor having bad coils and needing to be replaced. 

I connected directly to the motor bypassing the controller. It does run on 24 v, even on 12 v, now that I discovered how to release the brake!. So now I need to replace the controller. I intend to make a walk behind cart. Thanks.

I forgot that the motor has an electromechanical brake. It makes sense that with the brake not released the circuit breaker would blow. 

So I am looking at your SPD24500R controller. Questions: My throttle control is a left hand and right hand paddle setup so when squeezing the left hand it moves backward, when squeezing the right hand it moves fwd. This is the opposite on each hand since the control is simply pivoting in the center, turning a pot. Unless you have worked with this setup before I do not expect your controller to follow this. It is turning a pot by squeezing either side, so the pot is centered when the machine is stopped....fwd one direction, reverse the other direction!!   I can install a FWD/REV switch if need be)  So the pot is 5K with another 5K in series with the wiper that is labeled 'speed', 0 to 10. At '10' the range is about 0 ohms to 11K ohms. Is this a range your controller can use, or do I need to get a different hand operated control?   Now, your 'charger' port. Does this connect to the output of a 24V charger or just a signal from the charger to inhibit the controller?   I have a brake that can be activated electrically. So can you turn on the brake light connector when the speed drops to zero, or do I need to add a brake switch?

Sorry for the long questions....! Jerry 

The SPD-24500R controller, along with all of our other controllers, operates from a 1-4 Volt DC signal generated by a hall effect throttle and does not work with a potentiometer throttle. In order to use this controller, a hall-effect throttle would need to be swapped out for the existing potentiometer throttle(s). All of the throttles at the following links are compatible with it.

The controller's charger port connector is for connecting a charger port directly to and is not just for an inhibit signal for the controller. It is rated to be connected to chargers up to 3 Amps. 

The controller's brake light connector becomes energized only when a brake switch is connected to the controller. It is designed for low current such as bulbs under 10 Watts. 

Please let me know if I missed any questions or if you have any further questions.

Getting back to this project using the SPD-24500R, if I turn the key switch off how much current will continue to be drawn from the batteries? Can I leave the unit unattended for a week or 2 and not run the battery down?

  The Rascal has a brake. It is normally in brake mode. It needs 24 volts to release the brake to move. So, can I use a brake switch wired into the controller, then use the brake light output to turn on a relay to activate/deactivate the brake?  

Better yet, do you have a throttle control with a switch so when the throttle is starting to open, the switch comes on or off to activate the relay to release the brake? Somewhat like the brake light switch on an automobile peddle.            Thanks for your help

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