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Extend the Range of a Currie eZip 500 Electric Scooter

I would like to extend the range of the eZip 500 scooter. Can you tell me the best way. I can add a Battery box to top of back fender and just plug extra batteries in when first ones run low. I would need a quick connect to do this in the field. I'm not really worried about speed just the range. You may have better idea. Please tell me best way and what I need to do the job. Thanks

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A quick connect could be used however that would require either removing the footplate to switch between battery pack, or running the quick connect outside of the scooter which would involve a lot of extra wiring.

An alternative to using a quick connect system would be to use a switch that could be used for switching between the two battery packs. Then both battery packs could be permanently wired into the scooter's harness and the switch used to select which battery pack to use. The switch needed for this is our item # SWT-154. Currie uses this same switch on their electric bicycles with two battery packs.

A rectangle could be nibbled into the scooter's battery box to install the switch into and the rest is just basic wiring to connect the battery packs to the switch and the switch to the wiring harness.

Thank you for the help. Will be ordering switch. Could you tell me what size wire. Thanks again
Currie uses 12 gauge wire for the eZip 500 scooter's battery wiring harness so 12 gauge will do the job. Here is how to wire the switch.

I did the samething with eZip 1000 scooter. I wired up three 12v 10amp batteries like wphats in my scooter. And placed it into the right-sized nylon lunch-bag, then I ran the power cord out from under the deck and straped down the extra battery pack on top of the running deck and pluged it in. This way, I can ride the scooter as far as it will go, then when the Red light comes on, I just plug in the extra pack and I know that I can make it back home. I hope that helps. Ok. RobS56.
What fuse do you need between batteries? Part number? Also, bridging the switch with 12 gauge wire?

The eZip 500 electric scooter uses a 40 Amp ATO fuse and 12 gauge wire. For a fuse holder with short wires that is used between the batteries, one with 14 gauge wires will be fine. Our item # FUS-360 fuse holder is a good choice for that. 

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