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Razor Ground Force overvolting

Hi All,

My son received a razor Ground Force from Santa and sure enough he asked me to upgrade it for it to go faster, so I went ahead and bought 3 x 12V 10Ah batteries, a charger and a new 36V controller and throttle.

When everything got plug, the kart was only going reverser... what did I di wrong?

I bought the following controller:

Brand: Yiyun

Model: YK31C

One place I feel I could have mess you was connecting the on off switch since it has 3 pins one that shall come from the charger and 2 positive..

Thanks for your help, as my son is dying to it to work.


A motor going in reverse is very easy to fix. Simply reverse the two wires between the controller and the motor.

Hi I did this and this when my original on of switch smoke.... it is why my second part of my message about the 2 pins on the on/off switch or the ground force...which I connected directly from the controller to the switch..

I guess now my controller is dead... but if I buy a new one I want to make sure that all is good....

thank you

Maybe I shall add that my Ground Force is a "15" in number as per the code bar.

If the switch smoked when installing it then that usually only affects the switch and not the controller. I would try replacing the switch first and see if it runs then. The back of the switch has two light colored terminals and one darker colored terminal. The red wires go to the lighter terminals and the black wire goes to the darker colored terminal.

The polarity should only be reversed between the controller and motor, and not between the battery pack and controller. Reversing polarity between the battery pack and controller will burn out the controller.

Hi Again,

I will then try with a new switch, that I have just ordered from you guys.

Hopefully after that it will work, all fine, so if I understand well and I apologyze for my ignorance, I plug the return wire from the charger to the gold terminal and the 2 red wires to the metal terminals?

Also, I have order the battery harness from you guys and I see that I shall have some fuse in between the battery but the harness I bough from you come without those... shall I use fuse anywhere in the connections?

Thanks to let me know

Yes the black return wire from the charger port goes to the switches gold terminal, and the two red wires go to the switches silver terminals.

The wiring diagrams that I have for the Razor Ground Force show that it uses a reset switch (circuit breaker) instead of a fuse. As long as it has a reset switch then it does not need a fuse.

Here is a wiring diagram for the Ground Force which shows how it is wired. I marked it up with the switches terminal colors to show what they are.

Hi Again,

First thank you so much for your feedback, but note that the Ground force wiring diagram I have is as the attached one, so there is reset/breaker switch to the on/off.

Also the new YK31C 36V 500Ah controller has only 2 wire for the battery (Black / Red) and two wire for the Key or Power Switch Connector (Blue and red).

So if I understand correctly the blue and red of the new controller would attached directly to the 2 silver terminal directly? with no reset/breaker?

Please let me know so this time I do not kill everything.

I really appreciate your support and patience

I see from wiring diagram which you attached that you have a Razor Ground Force Drifter which is wired differently from the Razor Ground Force that I previously attached the wiring diagram of.

The YK31C controller's blue and red power lock connector wires should be attached to the power switches two silver terminals.

Since the Ground Force Drifter's battery pack has a 30 Amp fuse wired in between the two batteries no reset switch or circuit breaker will be needed. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

So you mean I shall use the same 30amp fuse wired in between 2 of the 3 batteries I now have for the overvolting?

As the new set up is the following:

- YK31 C controller 36v 500am

- 3 x 12V 10am batteries

- 36 volt throttle with 3 wire only

Thank you to confirm with me

Yes that is correct. For a battery pack made from three batteries only one fuse is needed. The fuse can go between any two of the batteries. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you so much for answering all my questions. I still have a last one about charging it with the 36v charger I bought from you, how long would it take to fully charge it with the three batteries (3*12v -10am) Thank you again so much. Louis
The new batteries should be charged for 12 hours the first time that you charge them. After that the charging time will depend on how much the batteries were used. If the batteries were used for a long time and are deeply discharged then they should take around 6-8 hours to recharge. However if they were only used for lets say 10 minutes then they should recharge in an hour or two. The charger's light should turn from red to green when the batteries are fully charged. You can keep the charger plugged in overnight because it will stop charging the batteries and go into float mode after they are fully charged. However the charger should not be kept plugged into the scooter for more than 12 hours to prevent overcharging of the batteries by the charger's float mode. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


I still have a last question, if I want to use the old Thumb throttle that has 6 wires (red, black, white, yellow, blue and brown) how shall I match them with my Controller knowing that I have the following one:

Brand: Yiyun

Model: YK31C

which has only 3 wire for the throttle (red, black and green)

Can you tell me which wire goes with which? I understand the battery indicator will not be working anymore neither the light but I shall be able to keep the throttle functionality.

thank you


The existing throttle can be used with the new controller.

The throttle to controller wires should be matched up as follows:
Red - Red
Black - Black
Green - White

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