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Increasing 48 Volt 500 Watt Electic Scooter Speed

How can I make my scooter go faster?

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Since it is a 48 Volt electric scooter it will be relatively simple to increase the top speed because the batteries and charger will not need to be replaced.

To increase the scooter's top speed a motor and speed controller with a higher Watts rating, like 750 or 1000 Watts, could be installed. Then the gear ratio could be increased by installing a smaller sprocket on the rear wheel.

That is all there is to it. When upgrading from a 500 Watt motor and controller, to a 750 or 1000 Watt motor and controller, the wiring between the batteries and controller will also need to be upgraded to a higher gauge wire than original wires so they can handle the extra power that will be going through them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I have the above situation. When I first got my Electric Chinese Scooter I traveled at 24 mph. My batteries melted into each other and so I replaced the four batteries which were 500W 20Ah. Speed not is 12 mph. The parts department sent me a new speed control - noticed no difference in speed. Then they sent me a new controller - 500W - no difference. The batteries are kicking out 16+ volts each and are wired properly. Even if I got 20mph I would be satisfied. You. Suggested either a 750W controller or a 1000W controller. Which would you recommend. I could purchase another battery which would give me 60Volts. The wiring seems a good gauge. Which do you suggest I do first? It has a hub motor and seems to work just fine except I can only go 12mph.
I read your response over again and it appears that I would need to replace the motor also. That would be costly, and in the long run it would cost more then the orginal cost of the scooter. So what would be the cheapest way to add additional miles. (I might convince the parts department to sent a 750 or 1000 W controller, but I don’t want to burn the motor out. What to do?

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