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Cushman conversion

I would like to convert my 1951 Sears Allstate (Cushman) scooter to electric. Currently has no motor. Tires are 4.00/4.80 by 8 rim with 15 inch diameter. Rear sprocket is 11 inch diameter with 65 teeth. Can you suggest a motor, controller, battery combo to achieve 35 to 45 mph and 40 mile run time? I would need a whole package. Thanks, Rick in Iowa
For a 35 to 45 mph top speed a motor rated for 2000 Watts or more would be needed, along with a controller that is rated for the same or higher amount of power as the motor. For a 40 Mile run time a battery pack made with either very large and very heavy lead-acid batteries, or large and lightweight LiFePO4 batteries will be needed.

Motors and controller this powerful are a little out of the realm of electric scooter parts, and fall more into the realm of electric vehicle parts. We currently do not sell any motors over 1000 Watts. I would check with stores that sell electric vehicle and golf cart parts and see what they have to offer.

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