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wiring ignition switch 60v 2000w controller

Put in new controller and it is matched with the motor 60v 2000w,  bought your 3-speed controller and it hooks up great and works. the thing is it doesn't go through the key ignition, is always on. I connected the anti-theft red power wire to the red lock cable wire both coming from the controller to get power. the key only works the lights, blinkers and gauge. any suggestions?

here is a picture of the controller wires

(101 KB)
If the controller does not have a connector with a thin purple and red wire, or an individual thin red power switch wire, then it is most likely designed to be used with an external power contactor. We sell a power contactor rated for 60 Volts and 150 Amps, item # RLY-60150, on this page:

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