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Special Kit for Electric Powered Locomotive?

I am building a 12 gauge radio controlled 24 volt locomotive. I would like to use MOT36750 . Can you put a matched kit with all connections matched and labled?   (less charger and batteries) for me? 

I need a throttle that can be field modified to operate from a R/C servo. I assume a thumb or foot throttle would work best

You got it. I made a kit for your electric locomotive project. I included a thumb throttle because it has a lighter spring than a foot throttle, however if you prefer a foot throttle just let me know and I will change it. We install matching connectors on every part of this kit and label them so all you have to do is plug the parts together.

Here is the link to the kit: https://cart.electricscooterparts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=KIT-189

I notice that are building a 24 Volt locomotive but are using a 36 Volt motor. If that was a typo and you want to use a 24 Volt motor please let me know and I will change the parts in the kit to 24 Volts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I do want a 24 volt system. I apologize for my mistake/cb

I also  sent in an order several days ago. I am assuming that you will not duplicate. Pleas email if any questions. I just want one set of parts.


Charles Bair

I see that you have already placed an order. I definitely will not duplicate your order and you will only receive one set of parts. Thank you for your order.

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