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My scooter (HCF pacelite 705) needs a new controller but the manufacturer is out of business.

My scooter (HCF pacelite 705) needs a new controller but the manufacturer is out of business. 
    I have adopted the frame to accommodate my disability issues so I am anxious to replace/rewired the existing 705 frame. 
   LBD14 controller has been recommended.  Since I am pretty much home bound (in NYC) and I will be doing this work myself on my kitchen table (if my wife doesn't notice - not likely). 
    Any detailed info showing easy to follow wiring diagram and shopping/parts list including where to get plugs/connectors, throttle, and/or wiring/wiring harness and anything else I might require, like fuse holder, charger connector, breaker reset, connector crimping tool would be greatly appreciated.

   Since getting around is difficult it would be very helpful if I could order everything online or by telephone. 
Sincerely & thanks in advance,
  D. Kogan

Just wondering..... Is anyone giving this some thought????????????


A 24 Volt 500 Watt controller such as our SPD-24500B would be well suited replace the original controller on the HCF Pacelite 705 electric scooter. A new throttle would also need to be installed along with the new controller because the existing Pacelite 705 throttle has a lot of wires and is would be very difficult to figure out which wires would go the the new controller. However with a new throttle I could draw a wiring diagram showing how the connect the new controller and throttle together.

I do not have a wiring diagram for the Pacelite 705 scooter so I am not able to make a conversion wiring diagram, however the new controller has wiring directions which show which parts its connectors go to. So all that would need to be determined is which wires go to the battery pack, motor, power switch, etc.

The wiring harness and plugs would need to be figured out as the new controller was being installed. We can supply connectors that match all of the controller's connectors so everything can be on the workbench before starting the project. Our connectors require soldering or a special crimping tool which we sell to attach the wires onto the connectors. The scooter should already have a charger port and fuse holder or circuit breaker that can be reused, or a new ones could be purchased.

Here is a basic list of the parts needed:
  • SPD-24500B Controller
  • THR-132 Throttle
  • CRM-85 Crimping Tool
  • CNX-50 Connector X1
  • CNX-52 Connector X2
  • CNX-51 Connector X5

Here is a diagram showing how to connect the THR-132 throttle to the SPD-24500B controller:

This diagram uses the red push button switch on the throttle to turn the power on and off. The power could also be turned on and off with another switch if desired by connecting the two lock connector wires to a different switch. Other types of throttles could also be used with the SPD-24500B controller such as a twist throttle.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much.
This will make this project so much less painful.
No questions yet, but as I get it together and get into it I'll keep you informed.
Again thank you very much.


OK my first question.

Whats the difference between the THR-132 Throttle and the THR-131 & THR-130?
If I was to guess, the THR-132 is go or no go ( no gradual speed control) and the others provide gradual speed control. Being able to move slowly is important, especially when on a sidewalk with pedestrians.
Also the THR-131 & THR-130 look identical so whats their difference?

Thanks again.


Being able to go slow when around pedestrians is important. The THR-132 Throttle looks like it might be go or no go (no gradual ramp up or down) and that would be dangerous . The other THR-131 & THR-130 Throttles seem to suggest adjustable (ramp up/down) speed control. ?   Also what is the difference between the THR-131 & THR-130 the spec's look the same?

Additionally there are two SPD-24500B controllers. One is brushless and the other is not.
I believe the 300 watt Pacelite motor has brushes. Is there a correct part number?

are my replies (2 have gone missing) not making it OR is there an approval process when photos are included with a reply?


Replies with photos or links do need to be approved before being published. I went ahead and approved your replies.

The only difference between the THR-130, THR-131, and THR-132 throttles are the terminals on the end of their wire cables. All three of these throttles are otherwise identical and allow full control of the scooter's speed, from zero speed all the way up to full throttle and everywhere in between.

Item # SPD-24550B is the correct part number for a brushed motor. I believe the other item number you are thinking about is SPD-24500BRUSHLESS which is for brushless motors.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

 Thank you for the explanation about posing with images having a delay (requiring approval).

Also thanks for all of the above. I kind of had already figured it out .... Being very excited to get this project started and I jumped the gun with my questions. Once I came to the same conclusion, I called your 800 number and spoke to John who confirmed the above. I then ordered everything (and more).

I hope it all arrives early next week.

I'll let you know how I make out.

I may have to get a few feet of (multi colored) wire ... what gauge, 12/14/? Any suggestion for a source?

Thanks again and please forgive my impatience.

I ordered 5 ft of 8-Conductor 13AWG un-shielded Loudspeaker Multi conductor multicolored Speaker Cable. It shipped today. When it arrives I'll strip exterior black cover so I'll have 8 individual 5ft 13AWG wires (all different colors) to use to make a wiring harness.

I also received notice that the Controller/throttle  parts/tools ordered also shipped today.

It looks like everything will be here this week. :)


Sorry I did not notice the wire question when I read your posting a few days ago. For 24 Volt 500 Watt and under electric scooters some manufacturers use 14 gauge wire while others use 12 gauge, so using 13 gauge should work just fine.
The parts/tools arrived!

separating the wire bundle into individual wires

 I labeled each of the controllers leads in a more permanent way.... not every connector had an ID tag. And several use the same same type of connector plug so to get it right you would have to notice the wire colors to know which is which.. So being a little colored blind, I felt it best the make sure each was labeled clearly.

Next I labeled the throttle wires and inserted the wire leads into 3 different CNX-51 Connectors.

Today I got the old batteries and wiring removed (see A below).
I unpacked the new batteries (see B below).
Not in the photos I also removed the old throttle.


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