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My scooter (HCF pacelite 705) needs a new controller but the manufacturer is out of business.

My scooter (HCF pacelite 705) needs a new controller but the manufacturer is out of business. 
    I have adopted the frame to accommodate my disability issues so I am anxious to replace/rewired the existing 705 frame. 
   LBD14 controller has been recommended.  Since I am pretty much home bound (in NYC) and I will be doing this work myself on my kitchen table (if my wife doesn't notice - not likely). 
    Any detailed info showing easy to follow wiring diagram and shopping/parts list including where to get plugs/connectors, throttle, and/or wiring/wiring harness and anything else I might require, like fuse holder, charger connector, breaker reset, connector crimping tool would be greatly appreciated.

   Since getting around is difficult it would be very helpful if I could order everything online or by telephone. 
Sincerely & thanks in advance,
  D. Kogan

Here is my first planned modification to your instructions. The Pacelite has a keyed switch which I would like to continue to use.  Additionally I want the on/off button on the throttle.

On my old set up I had both, throttle switch on the handlebar and keyed switch on the battery compartment.  The throttle switch allows me to temporarily turn off the throttle without having to remove the key which is located on the side of the battery compartment. This way, when someone is helping up/down stairs and they unknowing touch the throttle, the scooter doesn't take off.

Here's my planned change. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


My next question.
My Pacelite has a circuit breaker (zing ear ze-700-30) where does this get connected in the wiring diagram?


Thanks for getting my posts from 3 days ago up.  I figured out (w/Jon's help) what else needed to be done.
The scooter is running. Now to tidy up, get air in the tires... I'll post photos
The key switch wiring diagram that you drew is perfect. That will work great.
Wow I haven't seen a Zing Ear circuit breaker for a while, I do remember them on the older scooter models though. The circuit breaker typically gets wired into the positive wire that goes between the battery pack and controller.
I was away from work for a few days and just got back in today. Great to hear that you got the scooter running. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
I'll take a photo of the completed scooter soon. Although it is back together and the tires have air, I will be taking it apart again because the charger port isn't working. So I will have to verify I have this wired correctly.

Here is a wiring diagram:


Today I found out the problem with the charging port. It was a bad connection which a little solder fixed up. So everything is working..
 On Sunday I expect I'll take a photo of the finished scooter.

Thanks again.


Thank to everyone who helped with the project.

Here is the promised photo:

That looks just like a stock HCF Pacelite 705 electric scooter. I can't even tell that it was modified. Great job.

My 707 photos B.Kogan whether to install wiring photo


More photos are always good. It might help with our language differences.


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