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Need Advice on Motor Upgrade (Razor Dirt Quad)


I have a Razor Dirt Quad that needs more "Oomph".  I tried installing a YK43B speed controller and going to 36v but that just destroyed the stock 350w motor (2 of them actually).  The stock gear reduction motor had good torque and speed with that setup but it only lasted about 5 minutes before dropping speed/power with a burning smell!  So, I am considering installing the 750w (non gear reduced) motor available at TNC OR the 36v 600w gear reduced motor.  Given the YK43B I already own, what would you recommend on the dirt quad.  It's not really a matter of fit as I will custom fab whatever brackets I need.  It's really a matter of what's going to give me the best performance.  We need more torque for our yard which has some moderate inclines and a little more speed than the 24v 350w stocker can provide.  Another option would be to start over with the 1000w 36v "kit" available at TNC (matched speed controller and throttle).  I've already spent way too much on batteries, chargers, burned up motors, speed controllers, etc. so I'd like to hear from someone who can recommend a good 36v setup that will perform well and last a long time!

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Hi Russel, I can check and see. What are the item numbers of the 48V kits that you are referring to?
48v 1800w kit Just wanted to know if something like this modified to fit Razor Quad, would last on flat grassy environment. Would be for daughter,but wanted to get fastest so not to pay for another upgrade later

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