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Speed Controller Help

I hope some can give me an idea on how to solve a problem. Have a scooter with no actual name anywhere, no numbers of any kind on various parts. It has FS 111 on both sides of the foot cover. It has the SUNL Emblem On The Throttle And Handle Bar grips. Has TURBO 120W on the foot board. It appears to be exactly as Sunlight E-101. All parts for this scooter an the E- 101 listed are exactly as on this scooter. But the speed controller listed as parts has more connectors than the one I have. Mine has only 4. and those I find as replacements have a minimum of 5. This one has no lights or brake light or turn signal. Any help will be greatly appreciated! !
The scooter might have a charger port that goes directly to the battery and does not go through the controller, and it also might not have a brake lever switch, which would explain why it only has four connections going to the controller. Our SPD-24180 controller can be used with only four parts plugged into it; battery, motor, power switch, and throttle.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for that info. As you said it does have a charging port that goes to the battery. So you think this unit could be used in place of the original ?? Thanks again.
I was just made aware that our item # SPD-24180 has been changed to item # SPD-24120. SPD-24120 is the exact same controller as SPD-24180 and only the part number has changed. SPD-24120 is available at the top of this page:

The charger input on the SPD-24120 is an optional connection, and if the charger port is wired directly to the batteries then the charger input on the SPD-24120 controller does not need to be used.

Without seeing photos of the original controller I can not say for certain that the SPD-24120 has the exact same connectors as it does, so I am not sure if it could be used in place of the original controller as a direct plug-and-play replacement. I would need to see the old controller to be 100% certain.
Thanks for that info.
You are welcome. If you have any further questions in the future please let us know.

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