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ATV-8E 1000w/36 volts Modifications.

Hello there, I am new to electrics and never did have my own power wheels growing up. I recently bought a 1000w/36volts Mini ATV. Both my son and I were looking to purchase some new batteries and make up a 48 or 60 volt pack, but we are new and unsure as to the procedures and products. I'm going to include specs below and I was hoping to get info on what needs to be replaced, I'm assuming the batteries, charger and controller at a minimum. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan Specs 3x 12v 14a lead acid 1000w. 3.5 N.m Charger: 100-240v/50-60 hz/1.5A Non-load input current
Since you are planning to modify the ATV to have more batteries than it originally did the first step I would take is measuring the space available in the ATV for the battery pack to fit into. Then I would play around with different size battery dimensions and layouts to create a battery pack that will fit inside of the space. If the 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor is going to be over-Volted and is a brushed motor (has two wires) then I would use a large controller with big heat sink such as our item # SPD-601000A. The output Voltage and Amperage of the new charger will need to be determined after the battery pack has been chosen or created. I can help with that decision once the Voltage and Ah rating of the new battery pack is known.
Thanks for the response. I checked the product website and it has a brushless motor. So if I have this right, I'll measure and make up a new 48-60v Battery pack with a higher mah and grab a new charger. And I need to change all batteries right not just add a couple Of the same in sequence? It's a new atv with maybe 5 charges through it But I don't want to damage anything. Also what's a good upgrade for a 12v 14a battery? Thanks again in advance
The battery pack needs to be made up of batteries with the exact same Volt and Ah ratings. It is best practice not to mix and match battery brands due to different chemistries between different manufacturers. To upgrade from a 12V 14Ah battery any battery with the same Volts and a higher Ah rating will be an upgrade, such as 12V 15Ah, 12V 18Ah, and 12V 22Ah.
Thanks you for information. I found 12 volt 20 ah batteries and mapped out enough room for 48 volts. I was given the battery end plug to source out for the charger. I have no idea but was told to look for a 48 volt, 2 amp charger. I'm starting to feel on the right track now.
I usually recommend a minimum of 2.5 Amp charger for a 20Ah battery pack. A 2 Amp charger is very close to that though and will work fine.
Excellent. I had a look on your website, looks like I need a 48 watt 2.5 amp charger with a polarized port. I'm gonna order it as soon as I can find the part number.

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