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Repurpose controller for 24VDC stair elevator

I think I have enough detail, but I would like a technical source for questions.  I am attempting to use the SPD-24500R as a replacement controller for the DC motor drive on a stair elevator.  The drive specs are 22A DC, 1/2 HP.  There is an existing 24VDC battery charger which I plan to adapt.  Also, the interlock safety switches I plan to interface to the brake input.

Let me know your thoughts.


Everything sounds reasonable to me in regards to matching the specifications between the motor and controller.

Thanks, it is an orphaned manufacturer and the replacement part is $1000.00.

If I have specific questions in the near future, can I get technical assistance from you?

Absolutely, you can reply to this forum topic at any time in the future and I will be glad to help.

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