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Beach Cart Conversion

See above picture of my beach cart. I would like to convert it into an electric drive with a variable speed controller. What type of motor would I need, controller and batteries etc? Since being around saltwater, do they make a non metallic chain?  Would a belt work? Thanks

Converting that beach cart to electric would require a gear motor, controller, throttle, battery pack, and battery charger. I can put together a parts list or make a pre-wired kit for it. Stainless steel chains are available for our gear motors. I recommend using a chain because our gear motors have chain sprockets on them and we do not have belt sprockets that fit our gear motors, also gear motors create a lot of torque so a very large belt would need to be used with them. Chains last much longer in sand and dirt than belts do also.

Here are all of the beach cart kits that we currently have:

I can start working on a list of parts or kit. What is the top speed that you want the cart to have and many minutes will it be running per day?

Just walking speed. 2-3 Hour per day.

Okay that helps me to figure out which parts it needs. 2-3 hours of run time will require a fairly large battery pack. Will the beach cart need to go up inclines such as ramps or dunes, and how much cargo weight will be in it?

The 2-3 hours in not continuous run time. Some ramps no dunes. 75lbs of cargo.

On the control, I will need a switch for reverse, forward and off.

A switch for reverse, forward and off are no problem. We have these switches available to fit 7/8" OD handlebars. The kit will also need a throttle which fits 7/8" OD handlebars (we have them for 1" handlebars also). Do you know if cart's handlebars are 7/8" OD? Do you prefer a twist or thumb throttle?

I pretty much have the parts figured out for this kit except I am not sure yet which batteries to include. How many minutes of continuous use do you want the cart to have?

I'm not sure the size of the handlebars, I will have to check on that. On the twist or thumb throttles, is it variable speed on throttle itself? Or on a control box? About 15 minutes of continuous use to get there and about the same to get back.

Yes the cart's handlebars are 7/8" OD tubing.

The throttles are variable speed. They are used in conjunction with a control box to vary the speed of the motor. For a 30 minute run time two 12Ah batteries should provide enough power. I can start working on the gear ratio and which size sprockets to use so the cart will go walking speed. For the gear ratio I will need to know the diameter of the tires?

16.5" on the tires. Thanks.

I have been looking on your parts list page for different options. Do you have everything you from me to build me a part list? Motor, sprocket, speed controller, throttle and a switch for forward, reverse and off positions? Thanks

I ran some gear ratio calculations for your project using our 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor and here are the results:

I have the following parameters for the project; 15 minute run time, 3-4 mph top speed, 16.5" tires.

We can custom-make a 72 tooth sprocket for #410 (1/2" x 1/8") bicycle chain. Here is our custom-made sprocket order form page:

Here is a list of parts that would work for your project:

  • BAT-12V10A (2)
  • CHR-24V1.6AXLR (1)
  • CNX-XLR05W (1)
  • GRP-55SET (1)
  • HDW-250 (1)
  • HNS-100 (1)
  • MOT-24450G (1)
  • SPD-24500R (1)
  • SWT-23 (1)
  • THR-73 (1)

I can make a kit out of these parts that is pre-wired and ready to plug together when it arrives. If you would like the 72 tooth sprocket for bicycle chain I can include that with the kit also. I can also include any length of bicycle chain that you need with the kit. The throttle does not have to be a THR-73, it could be any throttle that you would like.

If you would like a kit made for your project please let me know and I will make it and post the link to it here.

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