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Beach Cart Conversion

See above picture of my beach cart. I would like to convert it into an electric drive with a variable speed controller. What type of motor would I need, controller and batteries etc? Since being around saltwater, do they make a non metallic chain?  Would a belt work? Thanks

Converting that beach cart to electric would require a gear motor, controller, throttle, battery pack, and battery charger. I can put together a parts list or make a pre-wired kit for it. Stainless steel chains are available for our gear motors. I recommend using a chain because our gear motors have chain sprockets on them and we do not have belt sprockets that fit our gear motors, also gear motors create a lot of torque so a very large belt would need to be used with them. Chains last much longer in sand and dirt than belts do also.

I can start working on a list of parts or kit. What is the top speed that you want the cart to have and many minutes will it be running per day?

Just walking speed. 2-3 Hour per day.

Okay that helps me to figure out which parts it needs. 2-3 hours of run time will require a fairly large battery pack. Will the beach cart need to go up inclines such as ramps or dunes, and how much cargo weight will be in it?

The 2-3 hours in not continuous run time. Some ramps no dunes. 75lbs of cargo.

On the control, I will need a switch for reverse, forward and off.

A switch for reverse, forward and off are no problem. We have these switches available to fit 7/8" OD handlebars. The kit will also need a throttle which fits 7/8" OD handlebars (we have them for 1" handlebars also). Do you know if cart's handlebars are 7/8" OD? Do you prefer a twist or thumb throttle?

I pretty much have the parts figured out for this kit except I am not sure yet which batteries to include. How many minutes of continuous use do you want the cart to have?

I'm not sure the size of the handlebars, I will have to check on that. On the twist or thumb throttles, is it variable speed on throttle itself? Or on a control box? About 15 minutes of continuous use to get there and about the same to get back.

Yes the cart's handlebars are 7/8" OD tubing.

Just checking on an update...

The throttles are variable speed. They are used in conjunction with a control box to vary the speed of the motor. For a 30 minute run time two 12Ah batteries should provide enough power. I can start working on the gear ratio and which size sprockets to use so the cart will go walking speed. For the gear ratio I will need to know the diameter of the tires?

16.5" on the tires. Thanks.

I have been looking on your parts list page for different options. Do you have everything you from me to build me a part list? Motor, sprocket, speed controller, throttle and a switch for forward, reverse and off positions? Thanks

I ran some gear ratio calculations for your project using our 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor and here are the results:

I have the following parameters for the project; 15 minute run time, 3-4 mph top speed, 16.5" tires.

It is not easy finding a 72 tooth sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain. We know a machine shop that can mill down a 72 tooth #41 sprocket to be 1/8" wide where the chain rolls on it so it will work with bicycle chain. The cost for the 72 tooth sprocket and machining is around $60.00.

Here is a list of parts that would work for your project:
  • BAT-12V10A (2)
  • CHR-24V1.6AXLR (1)
  • CNX-XLR05W (1)
  • GRP-55SET (1)
  • HDW-250 (1)
  • HNS-100 (1)
  • MOT-24450G (1)
  • SPD-24500R (1)
  • SWT-23 (1)
  • THR-73 (1)

I can make a kit out of these parts that is pre-wired and ready to plug together when it arrives. If you would like the 72 tooth sprocket for bicycle chain I can include that with the kit also. I can also include any length of bicycle chain that you need with the kit. The throttle does not have to be a THR-73, it could be any throttle that you would like.

If you would like a kit made for your project please let me know and I will make it and post the link to it here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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