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Pulse DX1 Dirt Scooter Bearings

I need to know what size bearings to put in the pulse dx1dirt scooter. It came stock with mislabeled 608zz bearings. Obviously this isn't right as the 8mm center would be way to small. Is there anyone that happens to know the real bearing size cause I miss my scooter so badly.

I have seen a few mislabeled bearings before so that is not uncommon. I do not have a Pulse DX1 Dirt Scooter in the shop right now so I am not able to check and see what size bearings it has. With bearing measurements I can figure out what size it uses though.

Do you have any way to measure the ID, OD and Width of the bearings?

The inside diameter is 9.59mm and outside is 21.97mm the width is roughly same as skate bearing (I had it measured at a mechanic shop couple days ago but they didn't check width.) so should be 7mm wide.
The closest I could find to this size is 9.525mm by 22.225mm for mountain boards but they are not so cheap that I want to risk it not fitting

I have been checking into this and I am having the same problem finding the right size bearings that you are. The closest size available is the R6 bearing which is 9.525mm x 22.225mm (3/8" x 7/8") however if your bearing is 21.97mm OD then a 22.225 OD R6 bearing will be almost 1/4" larger and will have absolutely no chance of fitting into a 21.97mm or 22mm wheel hub opening.

We buy parts directly from Pulse so I just sent them an email asking if they have replacement bearings available for the DX1 Dirt Scooter. I will let you know as soon as I get a reply which usually takes around a week. I do not want to ask too many questions at once so I only asked about the bearings this time however if they reply that they do not have the bearings then I will ask if they know what size they are, or if they can sell us the complete wheel with bearings. I will let you know what I find out as soon as I hear back from them.

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