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Looking to upgrade controller and battery for my 300W trail maker bike

I currently have a trail maker (XB300) ebike and I am planning to upgrade its current 24V system to either a 36V or 48V. I understand that to do this, I need to upgrade both the controller and battery. I was wondering whether you sell a 36V or 48V controller that is compatible with this system. My current controller is a brushless motor controller, 24V (

Additionally, does anyone know of a 36V or 48V lithium ion battery that is compatible with the dimensions of this bike (once controller is replaced)? Perhaps sold by this vendor or others. Here is a link to the battery ( I have done quite a bit of searching myself, but I am concerned the dimensions of many of the 36V or 48V available online may not match the dimensions of the battery holder in the bike.

 Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


We have 36 Volt brushless motor controllers and 48 Volt brushless motor controllers that would work with the XB300 electric bicycle's existing throttle and hub motor. They would require custom wiring to install, and I am not sure if they would fit in the space that the existing controller is in, so they might require custom mounting as well. If you run a 24V 300W motor on a Voltage higher than 24 Volts, then a higher Voltage controller with a higher Watts rating should be used so the motor outputs more power. The higher the Watts output that a controller has the larger size that it usually is, so that is something to consider. The dimensions of our brushless controllers are listed on our website for reference.

I can check and see if we have any lithium ion batteries that will fit into the space that the existing 24 Volt battery pack fits into. Do you know what the dimensions of the existing battery pack or battery pack holder are?

Thank you for getting back to me, optimally, it would be ideal if I could find a brushless motor controller and battery that fit into the existing spaces on the bike and work with the bikes current wiring. Do you happen to know whether the brushless motor controllers you provide will work with the wiring of the bike? Here is the current controller

For the battery, the dimensions are 70x 75x 390 mm  and it has one of those 'four-pronged acceptor' connectors on the bottom ( In the first dimension 70mm, the confines are a bit tight, a few mm on either side, It would probably be difficult fitting a battery that is greater than 75mm. For the second dimension (75mm) there is a bit more wiggle room, about 5 mm on each side (up to 85 mm). In the third dimension, the battery can go as high as necessary (the height is not limiting, up to ~600mm, where it would hit the seat).

Thank you.

Our brushless motor controllers would work with the existing wires however not with most of the existing wire connectors. The 6-terminal motor hall wire connector is likely to be the same between the old and new controller however the rest of the connectors are probably different. So the new controller would have to be custom wired in order to install it. Custom wiring would require that the functions of the wires be determined such as which wires are for the battery pack, motor, throttle, power switch, etc. - and that new connectors are installed on the bike's wires that match the connectors on the new controller.

I checked and the smallest lithium-ion battery that we have BAT-LIF12V4.5AH is 90mm x 70mm x 102mm which sounds like it is too big to fit inside the battery compartment of the bike. You might be able to build a battery pack or have a battery store build one for you that fits inside of the existing drop-in battery box out of cylindrical LiFePO4 batteries. I would check with a battery store that sells these type of batteries to see if that is possible.

             3.2 Volt 10 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 Battery

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