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Trying to upgrade Schwinn s350 need a lot of help

Okay the scooter I have had two batteries stock motor I went online and bought another battery and a 36 v motor that came with its own 3 pin throttle and esc the controller seems to not work it has way more wires than what I need please help I need a 36 volt controller with three pin throttle connection male My old stock 24 volt control had 3 main wire bundles coming out this one has like power locks and brake light charger I don't need all that and it gets in the way please help me and if you need more info ask
My new motor specs Volts:36vdc Rated current:18.3A Rated speed:2500 rpm I need a controller with simple wiring not a whole bunch of stuff just need battery wire throttle and motor wire
And 500w
We have a controller that meets your requirements with the exception that it has a 5 wire throttle connector instead of a 3 wire throttle connector. The item number of this controller is SPD-36750A which is located on this page:

Even though this controller has a 5 wire throttle connector, a  3 wire throttle can be used with it by only using the controller's throttle connector gray, green, and red wires, and not using its black and orange wires. For a small fee ($5.00) we could custom make a plug-and-play adapter that would convert the SPD-36750A controller's 5 wire throttle connector to be a 3 wire throttle connector. We would just need to see a photo or drawing of the existing 3 wire throttle connector in order to do this.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like a 5 wire to 3 wire throttle adapter made for the SPD-36750A controller.

If you could do that it would be great if you could tell me the total sum of everything including the conversion with a new throttle because in trying this esc I had I shorted my old throttle trying to figure out why it wouldn't work
This is my throttle I cut it because I was touching it to stuff it had a female end the esc had the pins
(1.38 MB)

Since you need a new throttle then an adapter is not necessary. We have a 5 wire throttle that plugs directly into the SPD-36750A controller and also has battery indicator lights on it. It is our item # THR-500.

We have a kit that includes a THR-500 throttle and SPD-36750A controller for $94.95. Here is a link to it: 


I forgot to mention that there may be one or two extra connectors on the SPD-36750A controller than your old controller has. If this is the case then all you have to do is not attach the extra connectors to anything and the controller will work normally.

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