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X7 freelander rear wheel conversion.

I want to replace the back wheel, motor and chain on my X7 with a hub motor wheel, something like this: Is this even possible? This hub wheel is listed as 24v/36v would this work with the X7's 18.5v setup? I'm basically fed up with fixing punctures (on my 4th inner tube) plus the noise the X7 makes. I appreciate I would lose my disk brake but I dont do much breaking anyway on my uphill journey. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A 24 Volt or 36 Volt hub motor would run very slowly on 18.5 Volts. At that Voltage it would most likely run at walking speed and not be able to go up hills. If you upgrade to a higher Voltage motor then the battery pack and controller should be upgraded to the same Voltage in order for the motor to have enough power.

I know that the battery space on the Freelander X7 scooter is very limited, so there may not be enough room to install a larger battery pack and controller.

If you choose not to convert the scooter to have a hub motor, then you might want to consider using an inner tube sealant such as Slime to help prevent puncture flats, there are also tire liners available for bicycles such as Mr. Tuffy to help prevent flats that can be cut smaller for use on electric scooters. A combination of using inner tube sealant and tire liners works best. Chain noise can often be reduced by using a wax chain lube such as White Lightning or even by dipping and soaking the chain in hot paraffin wax as described in this article.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Great advice, thanks so much, I was on the verge of spending £100 on a hub wheel. I'm already on amazon looking at wet lube and puncture tape.
Is the freelander x7 has fuse? If so where , what side? Thanks
My freelander x7 if you turn on, seems fully charge ( with 4 bars) but if you click the throttle doesnt do anything. Motor is off. Please help. I was trying to locate the fuse or reset button if there is but I couldn't find it. I just bought it 4 months ago.

If there are 4 bars on the power meter then the fuse or circuit breaker has to be working. All electric scooters have fuses or circuit breakers however I do not know where one would be located on a Freelander X7 electric scooter.

I would check the simple stuff first like the connector between the motor and controller, and throttle and controller. Please let us know how it goes.

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