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Razor ecosmart Metro upgrade

 I want to upgrade the old ecoMetro. (Unite 500W 36V)

 Looking around here I see a Currie MOT-SD 36750 motor at 750W. I'm thinking this one because it's short. On this scooter the motor sticks out sideways so with a case size that's about same as mine hopefully it won't stick out worse. Also, the Currie appears to have the same 3 7/8" OC three point mounting.  (maybe I could mount a different motor but it would probably stick out farther)

I'd like to know what all parts are needed. I assume along with a motor there's a controller and throttle, and maybe other things.

I'm a reasonable mechanic and I like keeping things simple. Is this as simple and easy as I think?


Ok...I feel stupid now. U said to replace the motor AND controller...
I would definitely upgrade the controller to 1000 Watts with the installation of a 1000 Watt motor. If the battery pack Voltage is remaining at 36 Volts then the EcoSmart scooter's original throttle can be reused and its LED battery indicator lights will work.

Please note that only the original Ecosmart motor and controller are bolt-and-go and plug-and-play on the Ecosmart scooter and any other motor and/or controller would require custom installation and wiring to install.

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