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Electric motor power assist for our nascar wagon?

I have attached a picture of my wagon that we use at nascar. It is a john deer type wagon. we have to haul it about a mile and a half. We load this thing to the till with a cooler, beer, Easy Up , lots of chairs, more beer and did I mention the back axle. is solid welded in but I can change that. Very handy with welding and very willing to make any changes to the wagon that need to be done. In the picture I added, the back addition is for a cooler. Would like to put batteries , motor , everything under the wagon if possible. We run this on hard dirt and asphalt. But do have to clime a large hill, but that road is also asphalt. We need to get this thing set up with power assist to get it to the track and back to camp (total of about 3 miles). If I were to guess this thing weighs ever bit of 250 to 300 lbs when its fully loaded. Let me know if you have a kit that would work for this. Would like a paddle type of throttle for the wagon handle if that is possible.    


I don't see any kits that we already have with a paddle type throttle, however I can custom make a kit for this project.

If we gear this wagon to go walking speed then a 350 Watt motor will have plenty of power for the job. I can figure out the gear ratio so we know what size sprocket to put on the axle or rear wheel. I just need to ask a few questions in order to put together the kit:

  1. So I can figure out the gear ratio, what is the diameter of the rear tires?
  2. So I can figure out what size batteries it needs, will the 3 mile round trip be made once per visit, or more than one time per visit?
  3. Do you want the wagon to have reverse?
  4. Do you want a key switch to lock the wagon off when it is parked, or is a push button power switch on the throttle OK?

1.The tire size (measuring from top to bottom) is 13 "

2.Once per visit for a total of three miles. then can be recharged.

3. Yes would like reverse.

4. a push button power switch would do just fine.

Also I can make a handle bar type throttle work just fine, after a little thought I think it would actually work better so go with that.

Can I get a price on the difference with and with out reverse, if its a big difference? thx.

The price difference between a kit with and without reverse is around $40.00.

I ran some gear ratio calculation for the NASCAR electric wagon and found a good combination of parts for a 3.33 MPH top speed. Here is the calculation.

This calculation is based on using our MOT-24350G 24 Volt 350 Watt gear motor which has a 9 tooth sprocket, and our SPR-B44 44 tooth wheel or axle sprocket. Both of these these sprockets work with standard bicycle chain.

I figure that three miles at 3 MPH will be around one hour of run time. I recommend using a battery pack with two 12 Volt 22Ah batteries which will provide more than enough run time so you don't have to worry about the batteries running low when the wagon is being used.

If all of this sounds good to you then I can go ahead and make a kit for this project, or if you have any questions then please let me know.

Only one question. Total price of kit. With reverse. Thx for all your help.  

The total price of the kit is $389.00. I went ahead and made the kit, it is item # KIT-146. Here is a link to it:

I can make changes to the kit if there are parts you would like to change or included with it. Please let me know if you would like any changes made to the kit or if you have any questions.

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