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Dual Battery Pack Switch for a Razor Ecosmart Metro Scooter

Hi, and thanks in advance. 

I have two battery packs for my razor ecosmart metro scooter. I read another question where you guys answered this for a ezip 500 scooter.

"Currie uses 12 gauge wire for the eZip 500 scooter's battery wiring harness so 12 gauge will do the job. Here is how to wire the switch."

 Will this switch will work on a razor ecosmart metro and if so could you give me a wiring diagram so I can order it? 

(723 KB)

Yes the SWT-154 switch will work for adding an extra battery pack onto the Razor Ecosmart Metro electric scooter just as it does for the eZip 500 scooter. We also recommend using 12 gauge wire for wiring the second battery pack to the Ecosmart scooter.

Here is the wiring diagram for using two battery packs with the Ecosmart scooter.


SWT-154 is available on our Power Switches Page.

I bought the switch and now waiting on arrival, but have another question. With this set up how can I charge my packs? I charge both packs separately right now. If I plug in the charger with both packs connected and the switch in the off position what will happen? 


When wiring the two battery packs using the wiring diagram above the SWT-154 switch will be used to determine which battery pack is being recharged. If SWT-154 is in position I then one of the battery packs will be charged, and if it is in position II then the other battery pack will be charged. If it is in the O position then neither of the battery packs will be charged.

The Razor Ecosmart's main power switch can be in either the On or Off position to recharge the batteries, however it is recommended to recharge the batteries with the main power switch in the Off position. It will do no harm to recharge the batteries if the main power switch is accidentally left in the On position though.

SWT-154 is available on our Power Switches Page.

Thank you. You've been a big help.

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