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My car (HCF pacelite 707) need a new controller

My car (HCF pacelite 707) need a new controller, for what type?Thank you

 The original controllers for HCF Pacelite 707 scooters are no longer available. Several of our customers have custom successfully installed new speed controllers and throttles into their Pacelite 707 scooters to get them running again. I recommend using a SPD-24500B controller and THR-132 throttle wired as shown below.

We have matching connectors and a terminal crimping tool to help with installing the new controller into the scooter. The wires could also be cut and spliced together without using connectors. Here is a list of the parts, connectors, and tool needed to install the new controller using connectors.
  • SPD-24500B Controller
  • THR-132 Throttle
  • CRM-85 Crimping Tool
  • CNX-50 Connector X1
  • CNX-52 Connector X2
  • CNX-51 Connector X5

I can make a wiring diagram showing how to wire all of the Pacelite 707 parts to the SPD-24500B controller if you would like.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Yes the same replacement controller and throttle will work for both the HCF Pacelite 705 and 707 models.

My 707 photos B.Kogan whether to install wiring photo


More photos are always good. It might help with our language differences.


I Already have a new throttle switch,  the 132 model.  I would love the wiring diagram and am going to order the controller, crimp tool, and connectors from you today.

Just ordered the parts to convert my Pacelite 707 scooter controller order #112825.  If you can put in some diagram of sort I would appreciate it.

Carl in Riverview

I think my post would be a good start. There might be a difference but I think it should be close.


ok, Got all my parts to convert to the SPD-24500B controller in my Pacelite 707 and your earlier schematic made perfect sense until I got to the throttle control.  I am doing this job for an elderly friend of mine and it took me a couple of days of looking at it in earnest and digging a bit deeper to solve the problem.

The conversion really needs a new, simpler throttle control to make it work.  The original throttle control had seven wires and the revised conversion uses a 5 wire throttle.  Once I wrapped my feeble mind around that item, it is a piece of cake.  I need t stay away from these basket case favors for my friends.  This enhanced diagram I found on this site makes it very  easy to complete the conversion, but  I have one question.

In the original setup, there is a small two blue wire pair coming out of the motor and since it was all taken apart, I am unsure where it plugged into in the original configuration so if you can give me an idea where it fits into this schematic i would be grateful.

PS I was told he had the 132 switch but it was not until I got the basket that I realized that he misunderstood me and it was a new key switch he had bought, not the throttle control.  I have the new throttle control now, it is just the two blue wires I am unsure of, where they go. Must be some sort of control wire.  they look to have been plugged into a black/red junction but it is not labeled so don't know what its purpose is. 

Those two blue wires coming out of the motor go to a thermal sensor located inside of the motor and were connected to the original controller. The new controller does not have a connector for a thermal sensor so those two blue wires can be left disconnected as they are no longer needed.

Thanks so much. Now to get her done.  You folks are the best!

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