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charging a Razor E300s help

I have  e300s i have modded the controller by add wire bridge to the limiter on the controller as well as add one 12V battery that is in a box bolted just behind the seat post to make it 36V system. Not cumbersome at all. moves pretty good now but it does now an then trip the breaker( any thoughts on that??) but my main concern is charging can i just run now a 36V charger direct to charging post . controller is still stock 24V or will o have to do an bypass port to charge at 36V.

The controller's charger port connector wires are connected directly to the battery pack wires inside the controller so they essentially bypass the controller and run directly to the battery pack. So you can use the original charger port with a 36 Volt battery charger as long as it is rated at 3 Amps or less (the charger port wires are not thick enough for chargers over 3 Amps).

If the scooter still has its original 20 Amp circuit breaker then that would need to be upgraded to be used with a 36 Volt battery pack. When increasing a scooter's battery pack from 24 Volts to 36 Volts the Amp draw will increase by around 30%. So the circuit breaker Amp rating should be increased by the same percentage.

thank you i wasn't sure about the charging , now would that same rule apply on a standard 36V 800W 6 connector controller. and the circuit breaker that makes sense so any think from 26 to 30 would do fine. thank very helpful. I have now got another issue with my daily rider i will start another thread for that

Every speed controller which I have ever seen that has a charger port connector, including our 36 Volt 800 Watt controllers, have wires thick enough for a 3 Amp or less battery charger.

A 26 to 30 Amp circuit breaker should do the job. Most circuit breakers are available in 5 Amp increments only, so you might need to get a 30 Amp breaker since the next size down would be 25 Amp.

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