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Bladez electric scooter freewheel conversion

What do I do ? I have four bolts that go through the rear sprocket into the rim and out the other side of the rim to make the tire spin. I cant add a threaded freewheel sprocket to it because the rear rim is not a threaded type. Is there a replacement rim with a freewheel that comes with it that I can buy and change the whole thing ? How else do I convert direct sprocket to rim, to freewheel rim ?

I am not aware of any off the shelf parts that would convert a Bladez scooter's rear wheel to work with a freewheel clutch. I believe that would require a custom machined adapter to go between the rim and the freewheel clutch. A machine shop could make this adapter however it would probably be fairly expensive to have made because you only need one of them.

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